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R.An.Ma – Russian Manga and Anime club was founded


First Gundam Wing and Sailormoon fanfiction (Sailormoon can be dated earlier)

Gundam Wing was never broadcast, but is privately distributed form 1999 till now; fanfiction is still being written; archived on


The Sailormoon fan-fiction community split into two parts: Sailormoon and Dark Kingdom (more subversive fiction based on
Sailormoon villains.)

The most notable Saillormoon fanfiction archive is

Dark Kingdom -;

First mentioning of Ai no Kusabi in Russia


Ai no Kusabi is distributed in Russia


The Ai no Kusabi fandom is founded

First fanfiction: "Sidh" (Pale Fire), "Grani" – "Facetts" (Nika), "Every inch of your love…", "Pust' budet tak" – "Let it be" (Robin Pack) – on the site Fanfics from Russia

June, 17th - opening of the first notable AnK site Amoi no Kusabi

August, 8th - opening of the Robin's Ai no Kusabi World (Robin Pack), which is now called Annals of Ai no Kusabi World and is part of the Ai no Kusabi Universe project

Notable AnK fanfiction:

"Force Major" by Juxian Tang

"Notre Dame de Amoi" by Sephiroth

An essay by Schuldich "Schuldich's reflections on AnK"

Notable Gundam Wing fanfiction: "Kryl'ja" – "Wings" cycle by Heero Yuy and "Pokoj i volya – posle bed" – "Peace and freedom – after hardships" by Flash Gordon (2002 – 2003)


February, 25th - opening of the Ai no Kusabi Manga World (now also the part of AnK Universe)

Notable AnK fanfiction:

"Mongrel" by Tash

"Sonne" by Cris Koyani

Other AnK notables:

An essay by Cris Koyani "Ai no Kusabi: An attempt of phychoanalysis"

The synopsis of the original novel is published

Notable Gundam Wing fanfiction: "Ardis" cycle by Pale Fire (a crossover of GW, AnK and Weiss Kreuz)


Decline of the broad interest to AnK; new notable authors are Kira Kuroi, Cheshirochka and Luna. The most popular genres are shonen ai, drama, and reconstruction (missing-scenes fiction)

Notable Gundam Wing fanfiction:

"Viva Libertas" by Mobius


The biggest multifandom anime archive apart from Fanfics from Russia is Katsuai

The biggest Weiss Kreuz archive: