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Broadcast has started in the Ukraine; only 1st and partly 2nd seasons were shown.


First Russian Buffy message-board (


August: First fanfic (a translation, crossover of Le Femme Nikita/Buffy)

Fall: First official broadcast in Russia (only the first 2 seasons; at 4:30 p.m., but after they got to a bed scene they promptly relocated it to after midnight; according to other sources, this was done because of poor ratings). At the same time, the original version was being smuggled to Russia, so many watched the 5th season in "real time" with the US.

Fen in Saratov are trying to sell illegal copies which is booed by the rest of the fandom, which believes that they should be distributed in a non-profit way.

First fansite Wellcome to Hellmouth! (later it became, and now is archived at

The most active forum is; later, forums belonging to Russian and Ukrainian TV-companies are opened.

Fanfiction in Russian and Ukrainian languages was published on

First slash also appeared there; het is still more popular in Buffy-fandom, slash is gaining weight in Angel part. Most popular pairings were and are: spuffy, bangel, spangel, tillow.


Official broadcast of the 3rd to 5th seasons; the 6th and the 7th were then shown only in the Ukraine.

The most notable Buffy-portal - (now it has Buffy, Angel and Firefly fandoms)

First Russian Fanfiction "Novogodnyaya skazka" "A New Year Tale"

First Angel fics a translation of "Dear Angel"; a Russian "Poslushaj, Doyl" "Listen, Doyle".


The seasons from 1st to 6th are shown in the Ukraine

The fandom splits in several sub-fandoms of different characters and actors (; My dear Angel;


Fanfiction archive (for Buffy and Angel, which was never broadcast in Russia) -

Ukrainian Buffy-forums:;

September, 2nd: First Angel/Spike slash-site by Rika.

The first published academic paper based on Buffy was written by Geroneja (in the Ukraine) and was dedicated to the series translation in the Ukrainian; the author has also written essays ("My Restless"), TV-Guide articles, and is now writing another academic thesis on translation. The Whedonverse fanfiction analysis is also planned.


The 7th season of Buffy is shown in the Ukraine, as well as the 1st 3 seasons of Angel.