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October: Tired of waiting for the long-overdue official translation of HP-books, a group of people around Pauline launches a website Narodnyj Perevod A People's Translation the most renown HP-portal till now. Two first HP-books are translated before the official translation appears in December (The quality of the official translation turned out to be much worse.)

A little later, another unofficial web-translation by Maria Spivak is started. Later, Maria became a professional translator.


Official translations of Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban appear the quality is even much worse than the translation of the 1st book.

January: Professor Severus Snape's Dungeons - - the first notable Snape-site is opened; it is bilingual (Russian and English), and is known for extremely elaborate and intellectual RPGs, fanart, and translations of such popular het-fics as "From Pawn to Queen". No slash.

First fanfics were published at People's Translation, some are translations from English (E.g. Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Claire), some are Russian. The very first Russian fanfic was a parody called "Harry Potter and the Order of Broom" and remains anonymous.

The most notable large fanfics are "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix" and "Les tenej" "The Forest of Shadows", both by Constance Ice (the former was taken for the original by naive readers even after the 5th book was published.)


Official translation of Goblet of Fire

Large HP-portals: Harry Potter Club (forums, teenage fanfiction) and Neocortex are opened. The later is a sizable reference site with entries on every HP-item in English and various Russian equivalents. One of its creators - annabel - now maintains a Russian LJ community ru_harrypotter.

March, 14th - the most popular site for the Snape-addicted is opened. Apart from information on Snape and Rickman, it contains fanfiction translated, original, het and slash with no age restrictions. Its forum becomes so widely populated, that the hostess of the site, Lidi, later "divides" it into several: a general Snape discussion (Gray Forum), Fanfiction (Green Forum), Adult Fanfiction (Red Forum), and a couple of others. For years to come, the Green and Red Forums were (and mostly remain) the main source of translated and Russian fanfiction (not only snapefiction), het and slash alike (although slash is usually regarded as more trendy).

September: People's Translation members are concerned about the low quality of many fanfics, and also about their unsuitability for teenage audience, which leads to stricter censure rules: all fics are to be evaluated by "editors" before publishing; slash is absolutely prohibited. Since then, many authors prefer to publish on the Green and Red Forums et al. due to their democracy and respect towards the subversive. Many heated disputes concerning slash, quality vs. democracy, rules vs. anarchy etc. etc. follow; as well as many great fics.

December: HP-Translators are united into the yahoo group Fanrus, later It helps to trace the already-made translations, contact the authors, and enhance the translation quality.


January, 13th - Zapretnaja Sektsija The Restricted Section site is founded by Salome and DieMarchen. Only slash fanfiction (translations and Russian texts) is allowed (exceptions are seldom made in case of works of very high quality, E.g. Nereis). The stricter rules concerning asking for authors' permission to translate their texts are established.

February, 2nd Mythomania site is founded by Fleur and Xsha. The site is known for intellectual HP-discussions, selected het fiction and fanart. Fleur had translated "From Pawn to Queen", and made an alternative translation of the 5th book from 6-23-2003 till 4-15-2005)

A bit later in February, Snape Unsnaped the first Green Forum archive - is launched by Daria (that's me)); it contains only humorous fanfiction (parodies etc, slash, het and gen).

In the period around the publishing of the 5th book the fanfiction is at its highest. The most influential authors at least from my perspective are Juxian Tang (NC fics in English); R1312 (gen Snape fics), njally, Katri Kling

The first archive (now it's on that gathered author's fanfiction (i.e. everything written by this or that notable author, independent of a fandom; mostly there were HP and Weiss Kreuz yaoi fics).

Other notable archives:
Marsian cafe (slash)
Essy Ergana's World (HP/DM and other HP-pairings; other fandoms: LOTR, Stephen King, anime)
Dragon's Harbour (HP/DM)
Malfoyslovers (multifandom site)

October: A conference 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Sorcerer's Chamber' dedicated to HP (including fanfiction) is being held in Russian State Humanitarian University. More information on:


Official translation of Order of the Phoenix (They tried to make it better then the first four, but failed).

1-1-2004: Skazki Snape's Tales is founded by Chakra: so far, the biggest archive of the Green Forum and other HP-fanfiction.

April, 19th : Snarry-site is opened fanfiction is dedicated to SS/HP only. Shortly after (05/22), it is denounced to hosting providers by a Mikhail Zlotnikov and is promptly closed by them. The contents are moved to fanrus-domain.
The same person denounced Dragon's Harbour and Accio which also had to move.

Other important archives and forums:
Slashworld (multifandom slash-yaoi-forum)
Nasha Lavochka (HP and LotR)

Around 7-31-2004: first HP-Ficaton; it triggers similar ficatons in other fandoms (anime..)

December (till the 5th of Jan. 2005): first Secret Santa FanFiction Challenge (multifandom)

Influential authors: Nereis, valley


The fandom and ficwriting - is still very active, it remains to be seen what changes the 6th book will bring.
A new HP-fanfiction forum for all genres and ratings: The Astronomy Tower