Community: Russian fantasy

Russians have a huge fantasy literature; its history as well the history
of its fandoms has been documented at Fanfiction is not a very popular topic there though, so the only information I was able to obtain so far concerns only two fandoms of Vera Kamsha and Olga Gromyko.


First Kamsha book is printed (Temnaja Zvezda Dark Star)


Official Kamsha fan-site -

Unofficial fan-site -

First slash-fics by Kreidy and Taelle


First Olga Gromyko books of Volha Rednaya cycle are published


The first and the second books of Otbleski Eterny cycle are published
(March and October)

May: the first slash-fic based on Eterna by Viorteya tor Deriul

October:a blog-community is founded

November: the site is opened: It is dedicated to various
"minor" slash-fandoms; but mostly to Kamsha.

Most fics based on Kamsha texts are either slash or gen, there is no
het. Moreover, Kamsha is probably the only author who officially allowed
her fen to slash her characters.

Gromyko fansites are:; - now:; (Guestbook); (LJ community. The author's LJ
is at:


May, 1st - a fen vote for the most popular Kamsha-fanfiction.

May, 8th Alva-Fest is started (Alva is one of Kamsha heroes.)

Olga Gromyko-based RPG -

Summer: another Eterna book is published