early 1990ies

First unlicenced movie releases and broadcasts


Labyrinth-book is published in Russian


First fanfics: Childa's "Labyrinth-2003, or New Year Night Dream" - "Labirint-2003, ili Son v novogodnyuyu noch'" (a comedy play)
Kruil aka Yuka's "Draw me the Moon and give me all the stars" - "Narisuj mne lunu i podari vse zvezdy"
Other authors:
Black Queen ("Allegory", angsty fics, poetry)
Snaky lady (humor)
CatChild (poems, humor) - first Labyrinth fan-site. The fandom founders first got to know each other on the forum


First slash by Tviggy

The community is predominantly female; there have been 3 RPGs sofar
Fanfiction trends:
- alternative endings to the original story;
- OFCs (Mary Sues too) and slash as a result of adulation of Jareth and subsequent neglect of Sara;
- self-insertions in fics followed by RPGs or v.v.
- Jareth vs. Bowie discussions