Communtity: Lois McMaster Bujold


First Russian translation.


January: The site - is opened. It is maintained by Anna Hodosh and is mentioned by Bujold at her official site as her official Russian fan-club ever since.

March: A project "Let's retranslate Bujold"

August: First fanfic "Vzgljad iz-pod kovra" - "A glance from under the carpet"

September: Anna meets with L.Bujold on a sci-fi convent "Strannik 2000" (Wanderer 2000)

October: an echo-conference on FIDO RU.VORKOSIGAN


April: first Bujold convention "Forkon 2002" in Moscow outscirts; with a RPG and a fanfiction fest (The winner is "Podlinnaja istorija devy ozera" "The True Story of the Lake Lady"). Since then conventions with RPGs and fanfic fests are organized every year.


September: Bujold-based rock opera "The Legend of the Prince"


Bujold books are republished in AST publishing house with fen's corrections

First slash site - is founded

First slash fic "Neosporimaja logika" "Unarguable logic"


Further development and growth of the fandom (in 2002, 65 fen participated in the convention; in 2005, there were 135). The age varies from 18 to 55, average is 20-30.

Most fanfiction are poetry and filk. Stories are mostly dramas or humor; there are also jokes and limericks (as in virtually every fandom to some extent); no romantic fiction (apart from slash).