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First translation of LotR is made by A.A. Gruzberg in Perm.


The Fellowship of the Ring is translated into Russian by V. Muravjev and A.Kistjakovsky. Earlier, people smuggled English editions from abroad and made photocopies.

Most of the derivative texts in pre-Internet days are poems and songs (non-filk mostly).


Second publication of The Fellowship, and subsequent publications of the whole trilogy, as well as The Hobbit and Silmarillion. The later had the biggest influence on Russian fanfiction development.


First Tolkien RPG Hobbitskie Igrisha (Hobbit Games). The RPGs were extremely popular, partly due to the thoughtful organization. The participants were mostly intellectuals in their 20's to 40's, who gathered in forests or fields and played according to fixed rules for a couple of days. The biggest RPGs had hundreds of participants. The group bonding and feeling of complete immersion into a different reality were unique.


A collection of Tolkien-based poetry is printed in Novossibirsk.


Nik Perumov's profic "Nishozhdenie T'my ili Sredizem'je 300 let spustja" "The Fall of Darkness or Middle-Earth 300 years later" is officially published. Its more common title now is "Kol'co T'my" "The Ring of Darkness".

1994 -2005

First fics are published in local networks (FIDO); mostly they are missing scenes texts dealing with Tolkien's mythology and universe well beyond LotR. It's mostly gen: adventures and myths. Writers avoid calling their texts "fanfiction", reserving this term for fluffy romances, and use the word "apocryphs" instead.

The most notable sites created around 1995 are:


Arhivnyj Zamok Elinor Elinor's Archive Castle

Tol-Eressea- the biggest fanfiction and essays archive

The ground-breaking Russian fanfic was written by Niennah (Natalia Vassilieva) and is called "Chernaja kniga Ardy - "The Black Book of Arda". This was the first fic written from the perspective of the "Evil" Silmarillion's Melkor (Morgoth). It caused a big wave of more subversive fanfiction which romanticized Evil, and remains influential till now. As many other Tolkien-based fics, it was published. Among other notable oficial publications are:

1999 - "Poslednij kol'cenosec" (The Last Ring-bearer) by Kirill Es'kov
2000 - "Ispoved' strazha" (Guard's Confesion) by Natalia Nekrassova
2001 - "Po tu storony rassveta" (The Other Side of Sunrise) by Olga Brileva
2004 - a collection "Posle Plameni" (After the Flame) includes: Alvdis N.N. Ruthien, Tessa Nairi, Gylras Tinriel, Anvary Tinriel, Alexandra Barkova, V. Kuvshinova
2005 - "Velikaya Igra" (The Great Game) by Natalia Nekrassova


Jude's Tolkien Slash-Project is founded. Originally, the site was initiated for translations, but very soon Russian-language slash was flourishing, too which led to serious confrontations with a "mainstream" part of fandom that is currently dwelling at

After the first movies release, fandom split into "true" bookish Tolkien admirers and "ignorant" movie fen; at least the first maintain their difference.