Community: Patrick O'Brian


November: Master and Commander movie is shown in Russia (exceptionally good dubbing).

December: First Russian fanfic "Prekrasnye glaza Legolasa" "Beautiful Legolas' eyes" by Mittas; it's a slashy crossover of O'Brian/LotR/Pirates of the Caribbean/X-Men.


February: DieMarchen translates excerpts from books; first big fanfic "Pochti bez prikljuchenij" "Almost without Adventures" by Olivia Grant (slash)

Spring-summer: a "people's translation" project on a Russell Crow forum; later, it is relocated on (forum) and

Summer: an alternative translation by Salome is started -

Fall: a blog community Naval100 is founded for the publication of short stories around O'Brian and nautical romantics in general (including Hornblower, Pirates of the Caribbean, Treasure Island etc.)

The site Tie-Mates is founded - a fanfiction and fanart archive with historical materials. Most fanfiction is slash.

December: all of the 20 O'Brian Aubrey-Maturin books are available in the Russian Internet.


Spring: the first novel is officially translated into Russian (Amphora publishing house). The translation is as bad as it can be.