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There again, like with Sherlockians, but to a bigger extent, we have an example of fanfiction grown out a longer tradition of official derivative literature. Russian children's literature was often borrowed: One writer rewrote Pinocchio, so that from 1930's till today Russian kids know him as Buratino with quite a different story; and the same thing happened to Wizard of Oz. It was never translated as such, but "rewritten" by A.M.Volkov as Wizard of Emerald City in 1939. The first book is very much like Baum's story, the sequels have less and less to do with it. Volkov wrote his six books from 1939 till 1982; from the
90's another series of sequels has been written by S.S. Sukhinov (from 1997 till 2004, 10 books and ca. 10 short stories; Armada publishers).


First fanfics (i.e. of fen of Baum, Volkov and Sukhinov) appeared on the net on - the only official fan-site. On its forum fanfiction is published and discussed, there is also a role-playing game

First slash "If We Were People" is archivated on


Other known slash "Slash Interstellar" ; Jude's "Ne sud'ba"

There isn't much fanfiction in the whole; mostly there are sequels, crossovers, and missing scenes.