Nik Perumov


Nik (Nikolaj) Daniilovitch Perumov was born in Leningrad
He currently lives in the US.
Nik Perumov has wirtten more than 20 fantasy and sci-fi books


First publication: A trilogy Kolco T'my (The Ring of Darkness) - actually a fanfic itself (Tolkien-based) - which caused Tolkien fen irritated by the publication to parodize Perumov:

1995 - a Zoltan Barding's jokes collection
(ca. 1995-1996) - Narsyl .5,45 (by Dmitri Damera) ( etc.

Perumov's fandom is very extencive. Fics and poetry are gathered on PeroMania site - Numerous fanart works are collected at, there are also RPGs and even three music bands inspired by his creations


A first fic contest on The 1st place winner Dark Heldin (fic Vstrecha Druzej/Meeting of Friends) gets a book signed by Perumov himself

From 2000 till now there have been ca. 10 fic and fanart contests


Exmo publishing house prints three volumes of Perumov-based fanfiction - Miry Nika Perumova (Nik Perumov's Worlds) Hierward, Mel'in and Other Places, Evial. The volumes are comprized out of Emerald Dragon contest winners.

There are only two known slash-fics based on Perumov: Leaving MiddleEarth by Razgranichitel' (based on Tolkien-based Kop'e T'my - The Spear of Darkness) -
and Plach obo Mne (Weep for me) by Elga (based on Cherep na rukave - Scull on a Sleeve) - (both 2005)

Perumov is known to approve of fanfiction based on his books, but cannot stand slash