Community: Phantom of the Opera


First known fanfics (handwritten)


First fansite: by Nats (Natalia)

December: site Parizhskaya Skazka (now closed) by Irene the Lazer Lady (Irina Emel'anova) who wrote fanfiction in English; the first archive of het and gen fanfiction

May: - Vaclav Nevin's site is opened where the full translation of the AL Webber's musical's libretto is published


Spring: - a site by Clever Friend and Lotta, dedicated to AL Webber's musical in the first place. Archivated first Russian Humor/Parody fics and hosted first RPGs


Sites (art, fics and notably jokes) and (high-quality fics)


Jan 6th: Movie release in Russia. Many movie-related sites appear shortly after. Sites with notable fanfiction are: (fics by Yellowfox13), site is made by Yellowfox13 and Ņarrie;; (an active forum with fanfiction section); - made by Elena: fandom related information, fanfiction and fanart archives; RPGs.

Slash-fics are rather rare (a fic by Lotta & Klever), and so are RPFs (a fic by HenTony)

There are also Russian translations of pubished fanfics: - a translation of Susan Kay's The Phantom (1990);;showtopic=179 - a translation (wip) of Sam Siciliano's Angel of the Opera (1994)

Most fanfiction is het (fluff, humor, PG); parodies on dramatic/romantic fics are very popular; there are five known cross-overs (with HP, Dracula, Wicked and Beauty and the Beast)