Community: Russian TV-shows

There are many Internet activities around various home-made TV-shows nowadays, but only one of them Bednaya Nastya Poor Nastya is known for fanfiction production.


October: The show broadcast starts. (120 episodes; Russian-American co-production; 19 century nobility drama)

Poor Nastya fandom is formed on the official series forum (archivated at

The first site with fanfiction archive -


First fics, both het and slash on, some with adult content a practice
that is soon cancelled by the hosts. Main reason for moving out of slashers in April was RPS.

First big slash "Poedinok" "The Duel" by Anonymous Author.

The fandom split into various subfandom based on pairings and actors. and are the only sites dedicated to the series in general (later with fanfiction).

December: is the most notable slash archive; members write multifandom slash, too (Three Musketeers, Alexander, Troya and many more)


Fic "Kavkaz" "Caucasus" by A.A. was awarded a nomination of "Golden Quill 2005" on