Community: Queer as Folk


The British version of the series appears in Russia. It was brought and promoted by Wolfy who translated it and is selling privately.


The American version of the series appears in Russia


Wolfy founds such sites as and - a reference site for gay and lesbian cinema. He didn't want to create a fandom; only to sell the series.

He also participates in another site -, founded by Mikaella with video and photo materials from the series (US-version), but without any fanfiction etc. creative sides. It closed in 2004, after which Wolfy bought its domain name and made it to an extension to his commercial projects.


A forum is opened by Nataliya with possibility to post fanfiction, too. She is also the translator of the first fic in Russian: "Three Sigarettes" by mojokitten


February, 21th: is founded by Narcissa Malfoy and Quatre; it contains not only pictures etc., but also fanfiction and fanart. Most popular pairing nowadays is Bryan/Jastin; RPS is also flourishing (Harold/Harrison).