Community: RPF/RPS


March: Formula 1 based Carioca's short story with slashy subtext Solnce (The Sun); it was published on in 2002


March, 28th: Carioca started announcing her gen wip about ice-skating on Alexey Yagudin's Fan Site
( which was back then on her no loger existing slash site Estilo.Livre
This caused a small ice-scating fanfiction explosion - most of the fics are still available on the site

April, 12th: Carioca's short story"Cama de rosas" (ice-skating, slash subtext) is published on unofficial Yagudin's fan Site ( - in - a Rammstein
slash site is opened (also includes other German rock-bands slash; the has been moving frequently since)


First RPS based on LotR

LJ-based community f1_fanficiton is founded (dedicated to Formula 1)

Jude archives F1 fiction on; and writes "The Last Pit-Stop" the first non-translated F1-fic and translates humorous fics from English.

September, 18th: first ice-skating openly slash-fic ("If you can't be a god") - a translation of Carioca's fic written in English in April 2003 (later published on

RPS based on movies: Lost Road about LotR actors

Music RPS: Smlash - slash about Smash


July, 10th Mysterious Obsession site is opened the first site dedicated to various sports. Fics are mostly romance/angst and death-fics; PWPs and drabbles are not as prevalent as they are in Anglophone RPS-fandoms

September, 12th: first ice-skating slash written in Russian "The Losing" (Carioca)

Movies RPS: site Asylijus - Elija Wood/Sean Astin, Frodo/Sam

Music RPS: MT Slash - Modern Talking slash


Musefiction Muse slash

Besides, RPS is written about:
Russian actors: e.g. Chadov/Habensky;
historic characters e.g. Melf Made Men The Third Reich;
Russian rock bands (Aria etc.);
Foreign rock and pop artists (Das Ich, Hellraiser, Welle:Erdball, Queen, Linkin Park, Limp Biskit, Duran Duran, Rammstein);
Sportsmen Formula 1, hockey, soccer, ice-skating (Carioca is known to be the only slasher)

The site Nebesny Gorod has a huge collection on Russian actors RPS -

LotR RPS site: ViggoSeanoMania -

2006 - slash around Russian actor Oleg Menshikov (his characters, as well as RPS). Some materials are not posted on the site due to the high rating, but can be sent via email.

Girl band t.A.T.u. fan fiction. The three most popular writers are Nex, Chempionka, Elya3000. Fan fics are published on the band's official forum on, and is approved by the management.

April:: RPS in HP-fandom (Rickman/Radcliffe) is systematised on the site Fantasy Fanart ( Russian translations are rare. Other PRS on the same site include Rayn Ross/Brandon Uri

Jude, Rene Starko, Carioca, DT et al.