Community: Sherlock Holmes


The first of two volumes compiled by the Ural Holmes Society are printed and published in Ekaterinburg. The books contain a mixture of academic essays, Russian-language (original and in translation) Holmes-based fiction (most of which had already been published in magazines etc.), parodies and pastiches, and finally the mock analysis
of Holmes based on each and every (fan)fiction ever written about him. (So that they end up with Holmes speaking hundreds of languages, living up till the 23rd century and being married and never married at the same time all in a gorgeously dry academic style, with footnotes etc.)


Penza Holmsian Society is founded. Their site is on


The second volume of the Ural Holmes Society anthology is published in Ekaterinburg


Internet Holmsians are mostly concerned with canon and its interpretations, but recently fanfiction also got their second wind, slash-fics in particular has canon-related information, and contains a fanfiction novel by N.Chernetskaya


Almanach Sherlock Holmes is launched by Anton Lapudev. It publishes essays and other materials on Holmes, as well as short fanfiction translated from English. This can be regarded as the only Russian fanzine; there have been 4 issues so far. Anton's site is


January: First slash-fics are written for the Secret Santa Challenge:
Mara iz Koshmara's "Zima, vesna, leto i osen'" "Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall";
Jewel's "Vspomnit' vse" "Total Recall";
Sherlock Sebastian's "Koshki-Myshki" "Cats'n'Mice"