Community: SPN - Supernatural


September 13: the 1st episode of Supernatural is shown on TV - Russian fans are watching, too
September - an SPN segment is created on a multifandom forum dedicated to US TV series


January: first translation of an SPN-fanfic: Kaylee's Supernatural Survival Guide (translator: Geroneja)
August: the site Supernatural Russia is launched -
May: Geroneja writes the first Russian SPN fic "Leaving with the rain"
October: a Livejournal community supernatural_ru is created -
December: the episodes are shown on dubbed in Russian


February: a Russian channel REN TV starts showing the series.
February: an SPN community .Supernatural. is created on blog service -
August: the site Crossroads is created -
August: an SPN segment is created on Fargate site -
October: a team of fans leaves Supernatural Russia and creates their own site
October: SPN-based fanworks are participating in RSYA (Russian Slash Yaoi Awards) for the first time. Naya K's fic "August 27th" wins in the nomination "Best slash/femmeslash based on a non-Russian movie/book/series"; Free's "I'll stay" wins the "Best Video" award, Smth_Blue's collage wins the "best fanart" award.


January: an SPN kink community is created on -
April 24:Crossroads site organizes the first convention dedicated solely to SPN (SuperConvent)
August: RSYA creates a special nomination for SPN: "Best Slash/femmslash based on the Supernatural Universe"


by Geroneja & moody flooder